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About Lynn

As far back as I can remember I have naturally gravitated toward supporting others while they navigate their journey through life. I've come to understand, through my personal matrescence (What is Matrescence?) and through witnessing others, the experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood is a particularly significant and powerful biological shift affecting your mind, your body, your baby and your family. Feeling alone and/or uncertain through that experience is an unreasonable and unnecessary expectation for anyone to have. Thats why I doula. 

My professional history is mainly in finance; though even in such an analytical role, I always gravitated to where emotional support was needed. After roughly 10 years in banking, I left to become a full-time parent to two daughters. It was my birth and postpartum experiences that have now brought me to birthwork. I have been fully trained for both birth and postpartum doula work since 2016 through DONA International and received my credential as a fully certified birth doula in 2018. 


With all I have experienced and all I have researched, I now offer my emotional, physical, and informational support to you. My mission is to help you understand, prepare and confidently transition through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.


I am here to honour your unique experience.

Lynn Berg
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